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Church Fundraising Puzzles

Church Fundraising Puzzles
Have your congregation donate to a cause that is tangible! Picture your church as a large Photo Jigsaw Puzzle. Each piece of the puzzle represents a family in your congregation. If one or more puzzle pieces are missing, it is obvious that you cannot successfully complete the puzzle and so it is with fundraising!

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What does putting a photo puzzle together have to do with Fundraising? Consider that each piece of the puzzle would represent a set dollar contribution. The total amount of pieces in the puzzle represents your fundraising goal. Each family is mailed a numbered puzzle piece along with a letter describing the need for contributions. The aim is to complete the puzzle. One by one, as each puzzle piece fits into each other, the assembled pieces help form the picture of the new church wing, expansion of church facilities, etc. And finally, as all the pieces of the puzzle fit together, the entire picture unfolds!

Also consider giving a token to the contributing family, a replica photo puzzle of the church building, etc.

A puzzle of a collage of different photos of the church, choir, meeting room, etc.

Imagine a blank white magnetic receptive board indented with impressions of the puzzle pieces of your Magnetic Fundraising Puzzle. Each numbered indented puzzle piece corresponds to the puzzle piece that was previously mailed to members of the church.

As the pieces of the puzzle are placed on the magnetic board, a picture of the proposed new wing of the church will soon emerge. The emphasis is that ALL the pieces of the puzzle are needed to achieve the reality of a successful fundraising campaign.
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We DO manufacture the best quality jigsaw puzzle with full lamination to preserve colors for years to come. An organza bag for your broken up puzzle and a mini guide print of your image is also included. This is key when putting together our difficult styles!

Statistics as of January 1st, 2013